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This legal document allows you to express your wishes for your how your property is to be distributed.

Estate Planning

All property including real estate, animals, jewelry, stocks, and bonds are included in Estate Planning. Our office can help put your mind at ease by specifying arrangements.

Living Wills

In the event that you are no longer able to express your decisions regarding your medical treatment, a living will provides advance directive (directions).

Powers of Attorney

Durable  Power of Attorney: The most well known document that appoints another person to act as an agent on your behalf.

Health Care Power of Attorney: This document allows you to empower an individual to make health care and medical treatment decisions on your behalf and only becomes active when you are unable to consciously communicate.

POA's can be general (full) or limited to special circumstances.


When someone dies, their estate goes through Probate Court.  If they left a will, it must be admitted by filing in the county where the person lived.  Scholles & Scholles can help you navigate through the process of forms and filing.


Control the distribution of your property by setting up a Trust for a Beneficiary.  This is helpful for those with minor children or disabled.

TOD Affidavits

A Transfer on Death Affidavit allows you the option to designate beneficiaries without going through Probate Court. Property, retirement accounts including IRA's and 401(k)'s, and other accounts are transferrable on death. Our process takes the worry out of the equation.